From diagnostic to treatment, Zagreb has a rich palette of lab analysis and medical exam services

Explore just a few of the city's many groundbreaking clinics and their methods

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If you wish to pair the medical with the marvelous, Zagreb is the place to go.

Here, you can enjoy a wonderful continental city that has a Mediterranean atmosphere, paired with the carefree feeling of knowing you're in the hands of some of Europe's best medical practitioners.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating various cases, Zagreb's laboratory and examination services are not only first-class - they're also extremely diversified.

Explore just a few of the city's many groundbreaking clinics, and their methods, below.

St. Catherine's Specialty Hospital

St. Catherine's is visited by tens of thousands of loyal patients, many of whom are returning customers each year - and for great reason. This is one of the region's best clinics, after all.

This hospital specialises in a number of methods, and many are centred around preventative and diagnostic care.

For example, St. Catherine's offers innovative genetic testing paired with personalised counseling before and after. Another example, of many, is its state-of-the-art radiology and imaging, which is widely recognised as one of the world's best for musculoskeletal, orthopedic, spinal and abdominal imaging of organs.

St. Catherine's collaborates with other leading establishments worldwide to provide patients the best care in many areas, which includes taking part in novel clinical trials and revolutionary research projects.

Just a few of the hospital's extremely satisfied patients (who come to St. Catherines from all over the world!) are: Luka Modrić (football player), Garry Kasparov (former World Chess Champion), Bojan Bogdanović (NBA player), and many, many more.

Radiochirurgia Zagreb

Radiochirurgia Zagreb is one of the most trusted clinics for cancer screening and diagnosis and tumor treatment.

In all stages, the private hospital carries out tumor diagnostics through high-tech equipment such as the Siemens Magnetom RT Pro edition Skyra (3 tesla) MR device and the Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge CT device with ultra low radiation dosage. The hospital specially adjusts each device for oncology purposes.

Here, you can also have screening tests done for early detection lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, among others.

For treatment, the Radiochirurgia specialises in radiosurgery and radiotherapy. These are non-invasive and high precision radiosurgery treatments. As opposed to conventional surgery, these methods' high intensity beams have submillimeter accuracy, which allows doctors to reach parts of the body which might be unaccessible through invasive procudures.


Genos is one of the main clinics paving the way in DNA analysis.

It's a global leader in glycomics, a groundbreaking field the clinic spearheaded in 2008, after studying total plasma glycome across 1,000+ people from Croatia's Vis Island. What they have to show for it is immense: over 10 years of experience, over 100 research publications, and unparalleled DNA analysis methods. 

One of their services is GlycanAge, through which patients can discover their biological age (which may differ from actual age!) and begin planning a treatment plan as needed.

Other tests offered at the clinic include everything from paternity and maternity tests (which they can do with all sorts of samples), across forensic DNA analyses, to haplo tests.

Synlab Croatia

At Synlab Croatia, you can receive just about any blood test imaginable.

Wishing to boost your health? Choose from one of their vitamin packages which can tell you whether you whether you need more or less of any range of vitamins (with the Multivitamin option). Or, target a specific group, such as B vitamins.

They also offer, of course, the entire range of blood tests with which you can get diagnoses and analyses of your entire body, as well as target specific areas such as the kidneys, intestines, liver, bones, and more.

Salzer Polyclinic

Salzer Polyclinic provides not only biochemical analyses, but a range of internal medicine services, too.

Salzer has a vast offering of blood tests, disease tests, and urine tests, and along with a biochemical lab, they have a microbiology lab as well.

Their internal medicine department, headed by Dr. Stanka Popijač-Ključar (who has 40+ years of experience and an impressive international educational background), additionally provides patients with the following services:

  • Internal-gastroenterological examinations
  • Internal preoperative examinations
  • Abdomen ultrasounds
  • ECGs

Drinković Polyclinic

One of Croatia's oldest private clinics, Drinković offers a rich range of medical services centred around successful diagnostics and treatments.

The clinic's expert staff takes a totally personalised approach with each patient, and determines the course of action from case-to-case. 

Their specialist fields include diagnosing of breast disease, radiology, and internal medicine. Methods offered in these fields include everything from MRIs and digital mammographies to colour Dopplers, and more. Additionally, DNA testing is offered to include a well-rounded approach. 

Preventive medical check-ups are an important part of the polyclinic's offer, too, and they include an A-Z, detailed overview of the body. All treatments are overseen by some of the city's most skilled experts.

Polyclinic Breyer

This is a trusted go-to for many, with a range of the most modern laboratory services. The polyclinic is a top-to-bottom clinic for medical biochemistry, microbiology, and cytology with pathology.

Polyclinic Breyer has one of the region's most extensive offerings of laboratory analyses.

Fields they cover include allergies, diabetes, sex hormones, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, tumor markers, and more - and each field has an extensive list of tests offered within it.

This is the place to go for quick, professional, and extensive diagnoses - which you can fully trust and rely on to provide you with the information you need to know.

It's also a place where you can get everything you need to done; for example, you can check for vitamin deficiencies and get a full rundown on your hormones all at the same time.