It's no surprise that Zagreb is swiftly gaining recognition in gynecology and IVF

Experts using the most modern equipment on the market lead Zagreb's gynecology scene

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Experts using the most modern equipment on the market lead Zagreb's gynecology scene. The city's excellent clinics are becoming more and more well known, for first-rate methods and procedures in both obstetrics and gynecology.

Health travellers can expect a high degree of expertise and comfort, combined with the priceless experience of visiting the beautiful city of Zagreb.

Check out this selection of clinics in Zagreb to help you plan your health tourism visit.

Special Hospital AGRAM

Special Hospital AGRAM specialises in fast gynecological diagnostics, using equipment which includes the most modern ultrasound devices on the market. 

Applying only the most personalised approach with each patient and collaborating with other top-notch departments within the hospital ensures quick treatment and prevention, too.

The hospital has a range of equally modern medical departments onsite, including those dealing with radiology and oncology.

As part of their gynecology department, all check-up gynecology services are also offered (from PAP smears to microbiological analyses), as well as a number of prenatal tests (HARMONY, NIFTY, and NIFTY PLUS).

Polyclinic IVF

With 20 years of establishing itself as a leader in infertility medicine, Polyclinic IVF is the oldest and most renowned of its kind - in the entire region.

Its skilled staff, made up of experts who have specialised in the field, is helmed by award-winning doctors. For example, the polyclinic's own clinical embryologist Dr. Igor Matič recently published a groundbreaking paper exploring how oxidative stress can affect sperm.

The polyclinic works with sperm freezing, egg and embryo freezing, ICSI, IVF, personalised ovulation stimulation, freeze-all technologies and more.

In terms of diagnosis and treatment, they take care of analyses of male and female infertility, endocrine-related issues (such as amenorrhea and PCOS), healing of endometriosis - plus, the entire range of modern methods available in the field of infertility.

The clinic's success is visible through its heartwarming testimonials.

Here's one family's: "Our babies are 4 months old today! It has been such a blur of happiness. Thank you so much for helping us create our perfect family!"

NovaMed Medical Centre

Novamed employs a team of experienced gynecologists who are fully dedicated to and passionate about their work.

They employ state-of-the-art diagnostic methods and procedures, and in doing so, drive a new age of preventive care and successful treatment.

The staff has fine-tuned their knowledge at some of the world's leading medical schools, and worked at Croatia's best hospitals, to now pool their skills and expertise together at NovaMed.

Full medical care for women is offered at the clinic, from biochemical and microbiological testing to, if needed, internal medical examination.

By combining complete internal medicine with gynecology, NovaMed aims to gain insights into the overall condition of the body and so create a holistic, tailor-made treatment approach for patients. 

Maternity Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Podobnik

Hard-to-match patient care, the newest technology, and the best available services are offered at Clinic Podobnik.

This establishment is the first private clinic in Croatia to offer gynecological and obstetric hospital care, as well as outpatient care. From its beginning, Clinic Podobnik's goal has always been to offer superior medical services to women and families. 

The clinic's founder, gynecology and obstetrics specialist Dr. Mario Podobnik, was one of Croatia's first specialists in fetal medicine and human reproduction. He also has over 30 years of experience in ultrasound and prenatal diagnostics, too.

In the Maternity Hospital, patients receive expert delivery and obstetric surgery care. Multiple modes of birthing are supported here, including with a birthing stool, a birthing table, or birthing pool. Epidural anesthesia is available, along with Caesarean section delivery with spinal or total anesthesia.

Families can choose the hospital for all of their pregnancy needs, from A-Z. Courses are offered for both mothers and partners before, during, and after delivery.

Assisted conception methods are also provided, always on an individual basis. Everything from diagnostic procedure, specialist advice, and ovulation induction, to IVF, ICSI, or sperm aspiration (MESA, TESA, TESE) are provided by the clinic's experts.

Clinic Podobnik excels in non-maternity-related treatments and procedures, too: abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies, treatment of incontinence, biopsies, and more.

Polyclinic Eljuga

Eljuga is a Zagreb leader across three fields of medicine: breast diagnostics, gynecology and birthing, and esthetic surgery.

Operating since 1994, the polyclinic employs experts across the fields they work in - and have a special focus on continuously educating their staff on the newest, best, and safest methods available on the market. 

Practically every breast diagnosis method is offered here, along with all gynecology- and pregnancy-related treatments and procedures.

Surgeries such as mastectomies and breast reconstructions are also provided here, led by the polyclinic's experts.