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Why Zagreb is leading the way in ophthalmology procedures

The clinics of the city are are spearheading the field of ophthalmology

Written by
Lara Rasin

With hard-to-beat quality (and prices!), beautiful surroundings, and an exciting gastro scene, Zagreb is a no-brainer destination for your ophthalmology procedure - doubling as a vacation.

In between dishes of truffle pasta, and visiting centuries-old attractions, Zagreb's world-renowned doctors will cater to all of your eye-related needs.

In fact, the clinics of the city are leading the way in ophthalmology procedures, in general. Here's why.

World-class clinics and methods

Zagreb's Svjetlost is the leading clinic in the entire region - and it's the largest and best-equipped to boot. 

Over 40 internationally trained experts are employed at the clinic, and they make their diagnoses, and carry out treatments and procedures using only the most cutting-edge technology on the market. 

In just over 20 years of functioning, Svjetlost has racked up an impressive number of awards. 

Recently, the clinic was recognized as the world's leading Synergy intraocular lens center by Johnson&Johnson. In 2019, the clinic helped develop the newest cataract surgery method in the world with international partners.

Their services include everything from laser surgery, across presbyopia correction, to corneal transplantation.

Polyclinic Dr. Ritz is another great ophthalmology pioneer in Zagreb, employing highly educated experts to carry out everything from diagnoses and preventative care to surgery.

There's also the Ghetaldus Polyclinic, which doubles as a glasses and lens store offering everything from upstage dioptric sunglasses to affordable contacts. At Ghetaldus, which employs 20 world-class doctors, you can take care of your procedure and walk away with a new look - and enjoy a Mediterranean dinner in the city to celebrate - all in one day.

Optical Express is another of Europe's leading clinics, especially when it comes to decreasing dioptre. Their rich array of procedures ranges from dioptre decrease and removal, to replacement of eye lens from the root. Each method, taken care of by leading experts and technology, changes patients' lives for the better.

For the newest eye healing methods, head to Polyclinic Knezović. One of their specialties, for example, is treating keratoconus. Their cataract treatments are also excellent, and include novel techniques such as the so-called Karate chop procedure.

Zagreb's expert Bilić Vision can also help you see the world through new eyes. Dedicated to the field of eye treatment for a quarter of a century, two of Bilić Vision's expert specialisations include laser dioptre removal, and cataract surgery. All procedures are carried out using the most modern, precise and safe technology on the market.

Another of the city's leading ophthalmology establishments is Sveti Duh Clinical Hospital. Sveti Duh has been a collaborating center of the World Health Organization since 2019. Along with that, it's the first Center of Excellence in the region for gene therapy used to treat (until recently) incurable hereditary eye illnesses. Sveti Duh has made Croatia one of the only six countries in the world to use gene therapy in ophthalmology.

Zagreb's ophthalmology selection is not only extremely diverse, but it also excels across the board.

Testimonials and high-profile clients

High-profile clients of Zagreb's ophthalmology procedures include athletes, singers, and politicians.

"This is about as close to a miracle as you can get", said Tim Roth, continuing:

"Many ophthalmologists in California and England tried to convince me there is no hope for my eye when after 2 hours at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic for the first time in my life I can see with the left eye. This is simply fascinating. I can perfectly see at every distance with both eyes!"

Armand Assante flew from a movie set in New York to Zagreb, just to visit the clinic. He said: 

"I had four days free and I decided to come to Croatia exclusively because of top expert Nikica Gabrić, PhD, to solve my vision problems. I literally came right from the airport to Svjetlost Eye Clinic and in less than two hours I was examined and operated on. Now, I have perfect vision and can see better than at any time in the last 10 years.

"Experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology provided by Svjetlost Eye Clinic and Nikica Gabrić, PhD, proved to be the best choice. The operation was fast, painless and I can see today without any problems. I'm sure that my eyesight will now help me to do my job better and more successfully, but also improve my everyday life."