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Zagreb is a regional leader in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Here's why

All of your beauty, skin care, and skin health needs will be fully catered to in Zagreb

Written by
Lara Rasin

All of your beauty, skin care, and skin health needs will be fully catered to in Zagreb. 

Some of Europe's best surgeons and specialists spearhead the aesthetic and dermatological scene in Zagreb. These are skilled experts who constantly attend international workshops to stay one step ahead of the newest trends and methods in the field. Then, they bring their newfound knowledge back to Zagreb - and make full use of it.

Between procedures, you can wander the timeless streets of Zagreb, ogling architecture from as far back as the medieval era, and - finding perfect photo op locations galore. You'll soon discover that the entire city is actually one big, picture-perfect backdrop.

When you need a pick-me-up, pop into one of the restaurants around the city. Zagreb's eateries, headed by some of the region's best chefs, serve the best of local and international cuisine. 

To help you get started on planning your health tourism journey, here's a guide to a few, among many, of Zagreb's excellent aesthetic medicine and dermatology procedures. 


Zagreb's clinics excel at the world's most popular non-invasive procedure.

A steady hand, and an experienced eye (which each Zagreb clinic will offer you), make Botox one of the most effective aesthetic medicine methods in the world.

Don't be afraid to show off your new look - you can hit the streets right after your visit to the clinic.

If you're in town during the weekend, take part in the phenomenon of špica, when Zagreb's residents don their frippery finery and slowly sip coffee on beautiful terraces across the city centre. This is the ultimate spectacle of seeing and being seen.

Laser and radiofrequency techniques

Laser is the answer to many treatment questions.

Everything from hair, scar, and vein removal, to skin rejuvenation and acne treatment can be carried out by the laser method.

Radiofrequency is another way to tackle dermal removals.

Aesthetic surgeries

Zagreb's expert doctors of aesthetic medicine offer the entire range of operations in the field, as well.

Facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty - and revision rhinoplasty - face lifts, neck lifts and more are offered in some of the region's best clinics. They also cover the full range of body procedures, from breast augmentation, lift, and reduction, across liposuction, to butt lift. 

Minor body procedures such as mole, tattoo, and scar removals are also provided.

Though recovery takes longer for the most complex procedures, and you won't be able to go sightseeing right away, you can still see the city when you first come for consultations, after check-up, and after recovery. Your recovery will be as carefree as possible not only under the guidance of your expert doctors - but also due to Zagreb's beautiful hotels and their delicious meal offerings.

Plus, you'll likely have the opportunity to visit Zagreb several times; that is, you'll be able to enjoy multiple vacations!


Platelet-rich plasma therapy (often shortened to PRP) is one of the most innovative treatments in the field of dermatology.

It can be used in everything from skin rejuvenation, across healing injuries, to stimulating hair growth. 

Often touted as a totally risk-free treatment, PRP entails enriching plasma being separated from your own blood, and then being applied to the relevant areas.

This is a "lunch break" procedure - meaning, you can pop into a clinic between museums, and return to marvelling at art without skipping a beat. 

Body sculpting

Zagreb's clinics offer a range of body sculpting options.

One of these is liposuction, which has been carried out by Zagreb's best doctors for dozens of years. 

Also offered are non-surgical alternatives such as body shaping via lymphatic drainage, ultrasound therapy, and vacuum massage.

Natural dermal fillers

Using hyaluronic fillers, you can achieve the aesthetic look of your dreams in Zagreb.

Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the body - and adding a touch extra helps reduce wrinkles, restore volume, and overall rehydrate the skin.

These dermal fillers result in a natural look, and can be used to treat all areas of the face, including the lips for shaping and increase in volume.

Expect more collagen production, an increase in elasticity, and glowing skin to match the city's own sunlit radiance.