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  1. Hotel Korčula
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  2. Hotel Korčula
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Iconic venue and the birthplace of Korčula tourism

There can be few better sights in the whole of Croatia than sailing into Korčula by boat, watching as the beautiful town and harbour come into focus as you draw nearer. But, make no mistake, the focal point of the island's integral, 100-year-old tourism is not the town, the harbour nor even the sea. It is Hotel Korčula De La Ville. Its construction was started in 1906, the landmark building finally opened in 1912. The most prestigious place to stay on the island, it was frequented by the social elites of Europe who, 100 years ago, were the only ones to whom such a luxurious expenditure was affordable. These days, although substantial money has been spent on upgrading the hotel to modern-day standards, such luxury is within anyone's reach. Located next to the town's medieval fortifications, the hotel has a grand facade and a vine-covered terrace which overlooks the waterfront of the Old Town’s pier. Although informal and unstuffy, you can still feel like a socialite in the court of the Hapsburgs when taking breakfast, afternoon tea or watching the sunset from this exclusive location. The venue's restaurant and cafe areas are similarly splendid places to dine and relax, maintaining the gradiose feel of yesteryear. A popular place to stay, with many returning visitors, not all of its 22 rooms have a sea view; to ensure you get one, specific request and extremely early booking are essential.


Obala dr Franje Tuđmana 5
Korčula Island
€100-€180 double
Opening hours:
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