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Peterjon Cresswell

It won't take you long to choose the best hotel on Lastovo island - because this remote destination still has only one. Luckily, the aptly named Hotel Solitudo is ideally located and has everything you need for a very comfortable stay (there's even a hint of luxury in the form of sauna and jacuzzi facilities).

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The only hotel on the island has recently been completely renovated and renamed, aptly, the Solitudo. Set at the meeting point of two lovely bays, the Velo Lago and Malo Lago, the Solitudo gives access to a spread of pine forest on one side and a wide expanse of sea on the other. No, you won’t be alone in and around the hotel, with its 60 rooms, 12 suites and beach not 20 metres away, but where the Solitudo comes into its own is with its diving centre and school, boat excursions and one-day treks on foot or by bicycle. With an in-house sauna and jacuzzi, your stay here can be spent either enjoyably idle or colourfully active, supine or exploring bright marine life. Rooms here now have a fridge and air-conditioning, most with a sea view, and terrace or balcony. You won’t get a double at under €100, though the half-board deals are not that much extra.

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