Back to the Past: Copper Age in Northern Croatia

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Back to the past – Copper Age in northern Croatia
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The exhibition portrays all aspects of Eneolithic life in northern Croatia

This exhibition portrays all aspects of Eneolithic life, including the production of everyday objects, the ways in which they were decorated, settlement organization, dietary habits, religion and exploitation of materials and burial rites, from cultures that inhabited northern Croatia. During the Eneolithic period, northern Croatia was occupied by a series of significant cultural manifestations, and all of them left an extremely rich collection of archaeological finds. 

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb has prepared a multitude of events that will take place during the Exhibition, including guided tours led by the exhibition authors, lectures, workshops and three visiting exhibitions that focus on different aspects of the Copper Age.

From September 18, visitors will be able to see an exhibition from the Nova Gradiška Municipal Museum that includes the results of excavations conducted at a site of the Baden culture. From October 17, the museum will host an exhibition of Astral Symbolism from the Vučedol Culture Museum. The Beketinci-Bentež, Eneolithic, Early and Late Medieval settlements exhibition, from the Archaeological Museum Osijek, will open on November 7.

Creative and artistic workshops for children and youth between the ages of 10 and 15 will be held on October 20 and November 17 at 11 AM. The attendants will learn about the different techniques of decorating pottery and about how metal was first used and processed. Free guided tours by the exhibition authors will take place on October 20 and November 17 at midday. 


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