Museum Lapidarium

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Museum Lapidarium
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The Lapidarium in the heart of Novigrad is both a fascinating collection of local architectural
remains, and a prime exactly of how to design a contemporary, site-specific museum in a town’s historic centre. Designed by the award-winning Rendić and Turato, the Lapidarium contains pieces from pre-Roman times discovered around the former cathedral, today’s Church of St Pelagius. Early Christian symbols can also be discerned, delicately carved intertwining patterns and an array of animals and mythical beasts.


Venue name: Museum Lapidarium
Address: Veliki trg 8A
Opening hours: June-Sept 10am-1pm, 6-10pm Tue-Sun. Oct-May 10am-1pm, 5-7pm Tue-Sun
Price: 10kn; 5kn reduction
Static map showing venue location