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Far from being a single destination, Zagreb’s Museum of Street Art (Muzej ulične umjetnosti or MUU) is a scattered collection of murals in various locations around the city. The ‘museum’ was inaugurated in 2010, when the wall running along the south side of Branimirova ulica (the street connecting the bus and train stations) was freshly painted with works by the city’s best street and graffiti artists, along with a handful of names from the art establishment. The wall has since become one of the key attractions in the city, although there are rumours that the owners of the site are thinking of pulling it down. MUU’s followed up their success on Branimirova by commissioning murals for the Novi Zagreb suburbs of Dugave (tram 6 or 14 to Utrine then walk south) in 2011 and Siget (around Froudeova and Aleja Pomoraca; tram no. 14 to Velesajam) in 2012. Its in these Novi Zagreb sites that the large grey surfaces of Sixties- and Seventies-era apartment blocks provide the ideal canvas for MUU’s increasingly ambitious designs. Summer 2013 saw MUU decorate the interior of an old military hospital on Vlaška, a site which is sadly no longer open to visitors. Plans for 2014 are yet to be finalized, although there is every sign that MUU will continue to exert a transformational influence on the Zagreb cityscape.     



Address: Various locations
Opening hours: depending on programme
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