A Love From Outer Space


Time Out says

‘A Love From Outer Space’ from London-based duo Sean Johnston and Andrew Weatherall slows the tempo down to 122bpm, mixing in dub, disco and acid house influences to a set that has blazed everywhere from the club scenes of London and Berlin to French castles and the Croatian coast.

ALFOS is an epically danceable journey through dark-pop, cosmic disco and fuzzy post-punk oddities, never knowingly exceeding 122bpm. Unlike some of Weatherall's and Johnston's headier techno mixes, this club night is slower and more spaced-out, so don't worry about pale ale getting spilt on your jeans.

The night also features UK's Dean Sunshine Smith and ‘Adriatic Coasting’ duo Nick and Pepi.



Event website: https://www.entrio.hr
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