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Much-loved American world music troubadours visit

13 years and 6 albums in, multi-instrumentalist Zach Condon and his comrades in Beirut continue to combine indie, rock and pop elements with a huge dose of world musics, including the traditional folk and dance sounds of France, Italy, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Since day one, there's also been a hefty Balkan influence at present in their work. The band's name is obviously derived from the Lebanese capital, a city where musics and cultures collide. Such collisions in the Balkans have similarly enabled a massively rich stream of traditional musics to emerge and it's perhaps this familiarity that has made Beirut such a popular band in this region. The group's 2019 album 'Gallipoli' was recorded, as you might expect, in Italy and this European tour is undertaken to promote its new songs, like 'Landslide'


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