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Dimensions Festival playlist by electric minds

London party kings electric minds put together an exclusive playlist for Time Out before their Dimensions stage and boat party takeover


To warm us up for Dimensions Festival 2016, legendary record label and event series electric minds have prepared an exclusive party mix, giving you a taster of their festival takeover.

electric minds is a record label and event series founded by Dolan Bergin that attracts the cream of international tune spinners. It's also one of the driving forces behind London’s revered club brand, The Hydra, and known for putting on parties in unique locations that have included a converted WWII German ship and a private island, as well as festival arenas, lofts and nightclubs across the globe. Here's a taste of their Dimensions takeover.

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1. Format - Soundclash

'Christopher Rau played this at one of the early electric minds loft parties and it took me an age to track it down. I spent a few weeks with the vocal circling my mind until Rau kindly shared the title over email. a beautiful record which Ive heard blow up Panorama Bar more than a few times. Orlando Voorn alias recording under Format, essential stuff.'

2. Serafin - Starship discotheque

'I've been guilty of over playing this record but it reminds me of late mornings / afternoons at Berlin’s Bar 25 when I first visited some years back. It's quite hypnotic but for a warm up or keeping things going when its getting late, the perfect sound track.'


3. Smokin Beats ft. Conroy - Times Are Changin

'This is mid 90's U.K. Garage with a US sound, first heard this on a Paul trouble Anderson compilation around that time and I’ve had to buy a few copies since. It's still only around £10 to pick up and the kind of record which stays with you for years and has frequently been played at our parties.'

4. Theo Parrish - Black Mist

'Seriously dark and moody stuff from Theo Parrish. It would be pretty hard to sum up Theo's sound but if a record comes close I think this could be the one. The record sits a little slower than most so its a fun one to play just before the headliner arrives, a nod to perhaps what was to come later that night.  One of our favourites.'


5. Move D - Your Personal Healer

'Move D opened his sets more than a few times with this one. Some memorable moments up in the Shoreditch loft with this starting things off at 3am, an intimate space where anything goes at a time when Shoreditch still had a certain amount of edge to it. A lot of people played over the years at the loft parties, but I think its fair to say Move D left the biggest impression on those that came to that space.'

6. Endian - Doze

'When we first released this record the small amount we pressed sold out quickly but it kind of went under the radar. I gave a copy to Steffi at the time when she was playing for us in London and nine months later I got an email from her asking if I had put the record in her bag. At the time she’d only just listened to the record and liked it so much she wanted to include on her Panorama Bar CD.  We had already been working with Ostgut Ton for a little while at that point but with Steffi & Nick Hoppner’s encouragement, we started what became an annual party at Panorama Bar. The masters and stems for this record were unfortunately lost so only a few were pressed and the records sell on Discogs for a crazy price now.'


7. Wax - B1

'Having grown up on early hardcore and the start of the drum and bass scene, Shed’s productions have always resonated with me. His alias Wax has featured heavily over the years, and it's hard to pick a favourite but this track from the first 12” has been played more than a few times.'

8. Freeez - Southern Freeze

'I've heard this record played at a few other London parties so it wouldn't be right to claim as our own but that hasnt stopped us playing it over the years, both in the club and countless after parties which followed. Jazz Funk from the UK but whatever the label it's a beautiful record which immediately lifts the mood at any party, no matter the time of day or night.'


9. Whirlpool Productions - From Disco To Disco

'Another disco tinged track which you can call upon to lift the mood. It also reminds me of the Les Rhythmes Digitales version which we obsessed over while at university. It's featured at quite a few of our parties and I've Koze play it a few times recently to a new audience.'

10. Anthony Brooklyn - Somethin' About You

'I was sent this record as a digital format and I found it some time later going through some files. I never found out who sent it to me but I bought it on record straight away. It's a very raw sound with a killer bass line when it rolls in. I don’t think its so well known: when its played you can see people waiting to see what’s coming next, and then the bass line drops and you’re off.'

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