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Festivals in Croatia: Interview with Zero aka Jan Kinči

Savvy source of local knowledge, Zero - aka Jan Kinči - hosts his own show on Zagreb’s online Radio 808. We chat festivals with one of the top figures in Croatia's underground electronic music scene

Written by
Justin McDonnell

Zero, aka Jan Kinči, is a prime mover in dance music culture, with an esteemed show on Zagreb's underground station Radio 808. We talk to the techno whizz about staying original in dance music, and how Croatian festivals have helped shape the local electronic music scene.

How has the Croatian music scene changed in the last ten years?

It has matured. Basically, it has moved from the hyped big room rave thing into its natural habitat, small to medium-sized clubs with an occasional big event. There was a stagnation period from around 2008 until 2011, which was the low point in the last 20 years, but the situation has got healthier because of two things: strong and consistent activity on the underground scene and at foreign festivals.

How do you think the festival scene has affected growth of electronic music in Croatia?

It’s action and reaction. Foreign festivals have brought a lot of action to Croatia and put the spotlight back onto electronic music. We have become more visible than in the few years before it all happened. All the activity from the outside has created increased activity on the inside. It’s good.

Do some festivals deal more with the local scene? Which ones?

Of course, there’s a huge difference in the amount of local people some festivals include and in the way they treat them, artists or staff. I’ve had great experiences with some: Sonus, Dimensions, Stop Making Sense and the Garden first come to mind. It’s great when you can develop a relationship which is more than just a booking, and you build on that relationship every year when you return.

 And Sonus…?

Yes, I’m very excited about it. I’ve been part of it for the last two years and have known Dale a while longer, so it’s one of those situations where you look forward to meeting up almost as much as playing. Sonus is packed with people who are basically into having a good time. ‘Anything goes as long as it’s good’ is the situation. I’m gonna enjoy it all the way through and do my thing.

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