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Time Out says

Beloved den of rave

Boogaloo club may not have the most fancy seating, the coolest, underground, hipster beats nor the best-dressed crowd but, make no mistake, this is one of the best clubbing experiences you could have in Croatia. This den of rave hosts some of the best DJs who visit Zagreb and is a dependable option most weekends, especially on  techno nights. It's a versatile space with multiple rooms, which are opened in accordance with the event and the size of crowd expected. Its regular rave crowd is a hardcore group of rake thin, Adidas-clad youngsters who dance incredibly fast and incredibly well, unless they're flaked out, with friends, in one of the seating areas. If you were in an English city centre they look like the kind of kids you would cross the street to avoid, in genuine fear of a knife attack but, this being Croatia, they're actually really friendly and decent people. If you're on the same wavelength, you can meet great people here and the staff are all super efficient and very relaxed. Being NYE, there's a much larger crowd than just the regulars expected and therefore a much more broadbased clientele will be in attendance, not least because there are international guest DJs. Harvey McKay is a Drumcode-associated DJ from the UK who will be playing techno whereas Matt Sassari has a chunky tech house sound, often with sampled vocals riding atop. Support comes from locals like Lea Dobricic, Herya, Teo Zver and Sonic Illuminati, with all three rooms open offering house, tech house and techno.


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