Future Scope with Dave Clarke

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Time Out Says

UK techno veteran returns

A serial visitor to Croatia over the last two decades, Dave Clarke is one of the UK's longest-standing champions of techno. He rose to popularity in the mid-'90s and although he released the massively popular Red EPs and other brilliant singles like 'Southside', it is for his Djing that he is best known. Notable for incorporating hip hop DJ techniques like cutting and scratching into his techno sets and staying true to the infusion of funk into techno, set by the Detroit template, he has also consistently assimilated electro into his sound. This action was perhaps less universally accepted at the start of his career, particularly by ravers in thrall to the 4/4 beat, but having stuck to his guns he has, in later years, become something of an icon to a whole new, young audience for this faithful obstinacy.


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