Impulse Festival: Packmess GP

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Impulse Festival: Packmess GP
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Time Out says

Solo show of manipulated guitar noise in a unique setting

Editor's note: the event is cancelled until further notice.

Electro-acoustic engineer and multimedia artist Miodrag Gladović aka Mijo aka Jomi Ajjomi is a Zagreb-based musician and songwriter who is already a veteran of past projects such as Analena, Lunar, Drotweiler and Lightune.G. Packmess GP is his first solo project and under this latest guise, he combines his post-hardcore and noise rock guitar roots with digital sounds and performance techniques. While all of the sound he makes will still come out of his guitar, he will manipulate the sound via two controllers and the hardware to which they are attached. Rather fittingly for this meeting of old and new techniques, the performance will take place in one of Rijeka's most singular boutiques, Peek&Poke, a store-cum-museum at which vintage computers and computer games are on display.


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