Josipa Lisac


Time Out says

Iconic Croatian singer, Josipa Lisac, pays tribute to Zagreb Karlo Metikoš

This special performance sees one of Croatia's most iconic singers, Josipa Lisac, pay tribute to Zagreb-born singer Karlo Metikoš. Josipa Lisac is still vital and pushing boundaries 45 years since the release of her classic debut solo album Dnevnik jedne ljubavi (The Diary of a Love). Lisac was one of the most popular singers in Yugoslavia thanks to this remarkable debut, which remains a much cherished album to many. It is frequently cited as being one of the greatest ever created by a Croatian artist and its songs are played frequently on Croatian radio and even by some club DJs in the UK. Lisac however refused to follow the formula of this breakthrough success and has since experimented with many different musical styles, incorporating rock, jazz, funk and avant-garde elements into her music as well as having also sung Bosnian sevdalinka folk music. Despite being in her late 60s she is still a vivid and vibrant stage performer, having in 2016 headlined Ferragosto Jam, a festival in Orahovica with an incredibly young audience, despite their being a huge storm and torrential rain at the event. Lisac remains one of Croatia's most interesting and diverse musicians, instantly recognisable due to her strong, distinct voice and her fashion sense, which can sometimes be as boundary pushing as her music.

Venue opening hours for this particular concert have yet to be confirmed at moment of writing. Tickets will be available from Monday 24 September.


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