La Fiesta

Music, Dance and electronic
La Fiesta
© ImZauberwald

Time Out says

Three floors of psychedelic trance, dub reggae and cool people

If the Circles of Hell are tailor-made for all, certainly there will be a huge congregation in Satan's psychedelic trance rave. This is not music for everyone. The audience at psychedelic trance raves are usually a mixed bunch of normal-looking people, ravers and complete weirdos, some of whom might attempt to bring their dogs to the rave. A smaller contingent still actually smell of the dogs they left at home. Regardless, you will rarely find a friendlier bunch anywhere in raveland. As it often the case both at psy-trance raves and here, at club Željezničar, the main room soundtrack is paired with a digi-dub and dub reggae second room, which is likely where any sensible dogs will escape to while their owners get lost for hours in the fractal patterns of a stranger's t-shirt next door. Quite why the date has a Spanish title is anyone's guess. Perhaps guest psy-trance DJ, UK-based Psymmetrix from the Bom Shanka label, will be simultaneously playing music and cooking paella?


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