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Slovenian industrial provocateurs play 'The Sound of Music'

After almost four decades of existence, the controversial and scandal-hit Slovenian industrial provocateurs Laibach stand as one of the most unique and successful bands from the former Yugoslavia. They have been subverting musical ideas and political clichés ever since they were formed, as attested to recently when they became the first western musical group invited to perform in North Korea (pictured). In a genius move, they decided there to offer music their audience would likely be familiar with and so performed a subverted version of The Sound of Music soundtrack in full, which they will revisit at this performance in Zagreb. On stage, the band have undergone many line up changes over the years. But that doesn't really matter; Laibach was always more of a concept group, an idea, a movement, than a traditional rock band. They sing in German and Slovenian, not that this matters either, as the brute force of their industrial output and bizarre manglings of popular hits are as effective on an audience regardless of verbal understanding. Bizarre, mocking, funny and satirical yet serious, they remain an explosive and near intimidating live experience.


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