Let 3

Music, Punk and metal

Time Out says

Let 3 are easily Croatia's most provocative rock band and have been challenging cultural taboos with their prankster-like behaviour for three decades. They grew from Rijeka's vibrant '80s post-punk scene and have since released several classic albums within Croatia's rock canon, including Jedina (2000), Bombardiranje Srbije i Čačka (2005), Kurcem Do Vjere / Thank You, Lord (2013) and Angela Merkel Sere (2016).

Some regard Let 3's provocative lyrics and sometimes extremely odd behaviour as vulgar. But their shows are among the best rock concerts you will see from a Croatian band. Attendance for at least one is a rite of passage for most Croatian youths. Founding members Damir "Mrle" Martinović and Zoran "Prlja" Prodanović still front the band, with Martinović also appearing alongside his wife Ivanka Mazurkijević in the MrLee & IvaneSky outfit.



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