Luke Slater

Music, Dance and electronic
Luke Slater
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Time Out says

Techno stalwart and Planetary Assault Systems producer kicks off 2019's clubbing season

Dancers have a couple of weeks to recover after the climax of the clubbing calendar that is New Year's, but the scene starts afresh early in January 2019, not least with this techno night. Luke Slater is a stalwart of the UK techno scene, having emerged in the early '90s with EPs on Djax and Loaded Records. However, it was his relationship with Peacefrog Records that would truly propel him into the limelight. Peacefrog would go on to become one of the UK's most respected labels issuing techno and house of Detroit and Chicago inspiration and origin and it was with Luke Slater's early releases, under his own name or as Planetary Assault Systems, that they truly made their name. Slater's techno has evolved several times since, at times industrial and uncompromising, at others filled with funk and touching on breakbeat. He's pursued a DJ career alongside his productions work that has seen him travel the globe. Two floors of Boogaloo will be open on the evening with local support helping the rave go on until breakfast time.


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