Marduk & Valkyrja

  • Music, Punk and metal

Time Out Says

Invasion of cult Swedish black metal bands

Marduk is the name of the ancient God of the city-state of Babylon. It is also the name of one of the most blasphemous black metal bands in the world (pictured). After three decades since their formation, this Swedish outfit have attained a huge cult following with their aggressive death metal sound and its themes of Satanism, anti-Christianity, blasphemy, death and, more recently, a near-obsessive fixation on the Third Reich and World War II. Indeed, some of the band's current members have courted significant controversy with their support for Neo-Nazi groups and their anti-immigration statements. Perhaps, then, not a gig you should take your religious or liberal or immigrant friends to. Support comes from fellow Swedes Valkyrja, who describe themselves as having been founded 'with the earnest intention of channelling violence, deprivation and loathing' in their music. Gulp.


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