New Year's Eve at Depo Klub

Music, Dance and electronic

Time Out says

Electronic rave beats

Located in what looks like a former industrial unit on the edge of the city centre, DEPO klub is a more than reliable pit of rave populated by a friendly and perhaps quire hedonistic crowd. But, what nightclubs aren't filled with hedonists? None that we would like to visit. For NYE, there's an extensive line-up of regular guest DJs appearing, although unless you are invested in Zagreb's underground electronic music clubbing scene, names like Fabian Jakopetz, Teo Harouda and DJ Matya aren't going to mean much to you. All you need to know is that these guys play around the region most weekends and they really know what they're doing. The music will fluctuate between house, tech house and techno and as the sun rises, you'll be able to see a weird amalgam of smoke, condensation and zombified people emanating from the venue's doors. 


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