New Year's Eve in Močvara

New Year's Eve in Močvara
© Klub Močvara

Time Out says

Popular student hangout

Located by the river, to the south of the city centre, Močvara is a venue most-regularly populated by the city's sizeable university student-age population. The crowd in the club looks almost exactly like the one you'd see at any of the country's subsidised student dining rooms, known locally as menza, except that they're more drunk. And the vegan Noise Rock fan, who refuses to go to menza, also goes to Močvara. Often congregating in groups, there are fewer friendlier club crowds in Zagreb, although it's very much a club suited to the existing crowd demographic. The DJ for the evening, Mario Kovac, will set about the difficult task of pleasing absolutely everyone. Hits of 50's and 60s pop and rock and roll will meet 70s disco, 80s pop and the rather testing Croatian language pop hits of the 90s on the dancefloor. Even vegan Noise Rock fan will have a good time.


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