Porto Morto

Music, Rock and indie
Porto Morto
© Martina Petric

Time Out says

Art rock from one of Zagreb's best alternative bands

Editor's note: the event is cancelled until further notice.

Porto Morto combine art rock, pop, electronica and elements of traditional Balkan musics into their sound. Their self-titled debut album scored highly in regional end-of-year charts when it emerged in 2017. Having been active on the live scene for several years before then, the arrival of this accomplished debut seemed to take forever. Thankfully, the release of their second album ‘Portofon’ came with a much shorter wait. Released in late March 2019, the album was preceded by the single ‘Kuća’, meaning house or home. Their most accessible single to date, it was also accompanied by their best video to date (with views so far exceeding 20K). The debut contained more electronic sounds than their live audiences were perhaps expecting and the second continued the trend. But, there’s still a rock band identifiable underneath the studio experimentation, at times backed by the brass players that form part of their performance. In concert, the electronics are replaced by an extensive line-up who present their take on the songs, not simply airings of the recordings. And you’re likely to see more dancing these days as the band have deliberately tried to move in the direction of making music that they like to hear and enjoy, rather than merely the music they like to make. 


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