Sevdah in Lisinski

Music, Folk, country and blues
Sevdah in Lisinski

Time Out says

Annual evening celebrating Bosnian Sevdah music, one of the most emotionally charged traditional musics of the Balkans

Sevdah music is a traditional form of folk music that comes from Bosnia. It is one of the most emotionally charged and melancholic of all of the musics from the region, comparative to the blues of America and Africa. Whereas visits to Croatia may be left somewhat unimpressed with regional pop and rock music, which is often very familiar-sounding, but unfathomable because of the language barrier, sevdah music is the exact opposite. It sounds simply like nothing else you will have heard and the language barrier is irrelevant, as the emotions of each song are conveyed through impassioned performance. Leading the line up at this year's event will be Nedžad Salković, who is celebrating 60 years of his career in 2018. Also appearing are singers Izeta Milišić, Esad Kovačević, Marija Šestić, Pavao Anić, Elma Hadžić, Ivan Jelić, Azra Husarkić, all of whom will be backed by a 12 member folk orchestra.


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