Slayer and Anthrax

Music, Punk and metal

In the world of thrash metal, American bands Slayer and Anthrax are up there with Metallica. Since forming in California in 1981, Slayer has risen to fame via twelve studio albums – four of which have received gold certification in the US – and two Grammy awards (for songs Eyes of the Insane and Final Six). Anthrax, who were also at the forefront of the scene in the Eighties, are similarly revered, celebrated for their explosive live performances.

With a shared musical style involving thundering double bass drumming, heart-attack-fast tremolo picking and ear-pummelling vocals, as well as subject matter risqué enough to have incurred a number of lawsuits and bans, this isn’t exactly easy listening. But if thrash is your thing, this will be a night of noisy heaven.