Ian F
Credit: Nadja B

Sonus Festival Playlist by Ian F

Ian F lays out some essential festival tracks ahead of his set at this year's Sonus Festival


One of the few dance lineups to show off homegrown talent, Sonus Festival is a blessing for regional DJs who get to showcase their beats besides the world's biggest house and techno producers. Set on the infamous Zrće beach, the festival takes place across several open-air clubs thronging with a young party-loving crowd.

Signed to Colours Music, Slovenian DJ Ian F is booked to play this year with a deep ambient set, sharing the lineup with Croatian labelmate Mariano Mateljan. To get you in the mood, Ian F has prepared a playlist showcasing the sounds of Sonus Festival 2018.

Underground Resistance ''Timeline''

'All time classic from UR. Always makes me happy when I hear it. Nice and melodic music that would fit perfectly in any summer festival set.'

It's Thinking ''Afterglow''

'Have been playing this track for quite some time now and I really like its positive mood. I think it would sound perfectly in a set at Sonus festival.'


Audri ''Slap Bass''

'Very nice track from Audry on Imprints records. I played it on a Sonus boat party already... It was a nice moment.'

Offset ''Spacehopper''

'Old track from Luke Slater. Nice and energetic at the same time. It has a great vibe for a festival set.'



Snap! ''Believe The Hype''

'Snap were one of my first influences before I started to DJ. Zip played this track on one after party at Sonus festival a few years ago and that moment was really magic. Every time I hear it I go back in time and it reminds me of that after party.'

Planet Love ''Mya''

'Planet Love’s sound is very positive and energetic. Another great track that would fit in a summer festival like Sonus in my opinion.'



DFX ''Relax Your Body''

'I remember Ricardo Villalobos played this classic at Sonus and it was another nice moment to remember. The track is powerful and it has a good energy.'

Gemini ''Day Dreaming''

'Anything from Gemini sounds groovy and catchy to me. I love his sound and I could perfectly picture this track on a Sonus after party in the morning.'


Phil Merral ''Bong Master''

'Groovy and powerful, another perfect track for a festival set in my opinion.'

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