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Time Out says

Longstanding German DJ and figurehead of contemporary tech-house visits the big room

Editor's note: the event is cancelled until further notice.

After 30 years in the game, German DJ Sven Väth knows his onions. While still only 24, he founded one of Germany's first techno clubs, Omen, in Frankfurt. Just three years later, in 1991, he founded his first label, Eye Q, following it one year later with Harthouse Records. Both explored the European techno and trance-edged musics of the day, the former releasing Vath's highly rated debut solo albums, 'Accident in Paradise' (1992) and the quite preposterous 'The Harlequin, the Robot, and the Ballet-Dancer' (1994). He subsequently became one of Europe's best-known techno DJs, one of its first with genuine pop star status. During this period, he could be seen being lead onto stage by scantily-clad females as though they were introducing a conjuring magician or a WWF wrestler. We can only guess if drugs were involved. In 1996 he began to be reappraised as a more cool, underground artist, thanks to the travelling Cocoon residency he founded. This residency coincided with the emergence of the tech-house sound, one which Sven Väth adopted and in which he has remained ever since, becoming something of a figurehead for the subgenre. This epic party follows Boogaloo club / Future Scope's spectacular earlier success in 2020 at the Zagreb Fair (Velesajam) venue with Amelie Lens. Get your rave on!


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