Vintage Industrial Bar Birthday: Sfumato & Haller Meurer

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Vintage Industrial Bar Birthday: Sfumato & Haller Meurer
© Sfumato

Time Out says

Birthday celebrations with two of the freshest local bands

Sfumato are a Zagreb based trio comprising guitarist Matko Bobić, bass player Viktor Slamnig and drummer Ivan Cimi Marinović. Each of them also plays outside of the group and Sfumato exist within the Zagreb-based Jeboton music collective. In comparison to other members of this collective, Sfumato are without doubt the most accessible to anyone who doesn't speak fluent Croatian, because they make instrumental music. Funk is the backbone of their sound, but there's a rock edge to the guitar in particular that prevents it veering off into noodley jazz-funk territory. It's not perhaps complementary to compare them to early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but it's very easy to do so. The band released their debut album 'Walhali' in 2018 with their second due any moment now. Haller Meurer is a band that plays the kind of electronic dance music that you'd usually hear from DJs, only they do so with the full band set-up of with drum, synthesizers, samplers and guitar.


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