Violins Above Borders / Stradivari in Rijeka – Kresnik and Cremona

Music, Classical and opera
Franjo Kresnik
© Lokapatrioti Rijeka

Time Out says

Classical musical connoisseurs will adore this commemoration of a truly remarkable man - Dr. Franjo Kresnik. Dubbed ‘the man who can read violins’, Kresnik was an intellectual whose passion was the crafting of violins, and who is widely credited with restoring the art of Cremona Liuteria (that’s ancient string-instrument making, to non-aficionados). In a program to mark the 150th anniversary of Kresnik’s birth, world-class musicians will perform on their Stradivari and Guarneri violins. Though he was born in Vienna, Kresnik spent much of his life traveling through Central Europe and Croatia, considering himself to be a man beyond borders. What better place to celebrate his life than the Port of Diversity? 


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