Vlatko Stefanovski

Music, Folk, country and blues
Vlatko Stefanovski
© Vlatko Stefanovski

Time Out says

Macedonian guitarist extraordinaire blends rock, jazz, ethno and acoustic sounds

Making a name for himself as one of the founding members of much-loved former Yugoslav rock band Leb i Sol, Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski blends rock, jazz, ethno and acoustic sounds into his performances. Like peers, Darko Rundek's band Haustor and Bijelo Dugme, Leb i Sol melded what would be classed as world music influences into their new wave sound and this broad approach has marked Stefanovski's career ever since the group's formation in the mid-1970s. Today, you are just as likely to hear him play interpretations of Macedonian folk songs as you are to witness him revisit his classic ethno-rock back catalogue, with many of his pieces performed in instrumental format, just as they were in the original days of Leb i Sol.


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