Music, Folk, country and blues
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Time Out says

Norwegian dark folk music group, of Vikings soundtrack fame, debut in Croatia

Emerging from Norway's notorious Black Metal scene, Wardruna play a dark folk music using traditional Nordic instruments and sung in Norwegian. The language barrier is not something that detracts from the enjoyment of their music; it perhaps only adds to Wardruna's mystique, as they take to the stage frequently wearing traditional clothes, bathed in shadows and darker colours, issuing forth an often tribal-sounding Pagan music that can sound timeless and captivating. Wardruna collaborated with the makers of the hit series Vikings to produce music fore the show from the second season onwards and Wardruna's founding member Einar Selvik has appeared playing a shaman in the show. The band's 2018 album was notable for its marked acoustic direction and contained some music composed for the series. This performance will be the band's debut in Croatia.


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