You Are We: LoSoul

Music, Dance and electronic
You Are We: LoSoul

Time Out says

Groundbreaking German producer/Dj visits

Before perhaps unnecessary terms like 'tech house' and 'micro house' were even coined, the mid-90s European response to the fine deep house coming from America was distinctly different. Of the names at the then forefront of the continental response were people like Needs and LoSoul, the latter setting the groundwork for the aforementioned sub-genres to come into existence as well as laying a firm foundation the fruits of which can be seen in the current domination of German music in our discotheques. From 1995, LoSoul aka Peter Kremeier, was one of the first major names, alongside Isolée and Ricardo Villalobos, to help establish the pivotal Playhouse label, alongside its co-founder Roman Flügel. Since that time, he's released three full albums on the label and also last year's 'Island Time' longplayer for Hypercolour. This will be his debut in Zagreb and support comes from Ratko Filipović Examine and Lazo.


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