Živa Voda Festival #1: Mimika Orkestar, Ensemble Illyrica, Truth ≠ Tribe

Music, Jazz
Mimika Orchestra
©Domagoj Mokrović Mimika Orchestra

Time Out says

Three of Croatia's most exciting experimental bands

Živa Voda is a collective of Zagreb-based musicians who here present their first mini-festival, occurring indoors and over just one evening. Headliners Mimika Orkestar (pictured) are an extensive ensemble of expert musicians who combine jazz and classical influences with Balkan folklore. They are an astonishing band in the live arena and present a unique sound that you could not find anywhere else in the world.Their latest album, the fascinating and accomplished 'Divinities Of The Earth And The Waters' is their third and was released in 2018 to justly rave reviews. The Illyrica Ensemble is an international group of young musicians with diverse cultural roots and Truth ≠ Tribe is a side project of Mimika.



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