New survey places Croatia among the worst countries for vegetarians

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A 2018 survey has put Croatia near the bottom of European destinations to visit if you are a vegetarian.

The study, conducted by comparison site The Eco Experts, looked at how easy it is to maintain a vegetarian diet in 26 European countries. Croatia was marked as the sixth worst country for vegetarians, only coming ahead of Greece, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark and Portugal, which was the worst.

Switzerland was officially marked as the best European country for vegetarians, where 13% of the country eat a meatless diet, and the Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden coming second, third and fourth respectively.

To measure a country's vegetarian friendliness, the study compared three statistics; the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants per 100,000 people, annual meat consumption per person, and the average price of 1kg of meat. These factors then determined each country's place on the list.

Do your experiences of Croatia match the survey? Would you agree that Croatia isn't great for vegetarians?

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