Pink supermoon
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2020's largest pink supermoon to debut across Croatia's skies tonight
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Lara Rasin

The moon at its closest point to Earth

Tonight, Croatia's skies will host a pink supermoon and it's set to be the biggest and brightest full moon of the entire year. The supermoon differs from a normal full moon because it will reach the closest point possible in its elliptic orbit to Earth. Usually between 363 396 km and 405 504 km away from us, tonight the moon will be 357 035 from Earth. A supermoon can seem 7% bigger and 15% brighter than the average full moon. 

Why pink?

Tonight's pink supermoon won't actually be pink: its colourful nickname is a nod to the pretty flower known as moss pink (Phlox Subulata), which, like this supermoon, appears in the springtime. The supermoon will instead be golden and fade to white as morning nears.

Moss pink
Fields of moss pink

When to watch

The pink supermoon will be visible right after sunset, and reach its peak of brightness above Croatia at 10:35pm tonight. While enjoying the stunning sight of our nearest neighbour in space, remember to watch from your window, balcony or at a safe distance from others outside.

Anyone watching from another country should check local astronomy websites for details on when to watch, as the supermoon will be visible over the next few days worldwide - and peak brightness times will vary. 

This year, May will also have a supermoon - so don't go too lunatic if you miss tonight's.

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