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A 15-metre whale was spotted off the Croatian coast

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Lara Rasin

A fin whale, the second-largest species in the world, has been spotted off the coast of Starigrad in Zadar County.

The Blue World Institute announced the amazing sighting, which occurred on Tuesday, on its Facebook profile.

The post reads:

'We found a 🐳🐳🐳 !!

Thanks to the reports of many of you who joined us in the search for the whale, we can happily conclude that after a whole morning of searching we found it the next day near Starigrad-Paklenica!

Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favour as you can see in the photos! The whale was on the very edge of an incoming storm and after a few ascents it plunged right into the storm. During the minute we could see it, we took on the wind, lightning, and rain, wondering if it was worth it! Believe us, it wasn't pleasant, but it was worth it 

The whale we saw is an adult animal, and we assume it's 15 or more metres long. We were unable to check its physical condition because we were with it for such a short time. But at first glance, it does not look malnourished. The last report is that the whale is currently near Lukovo Šugarj, but the weather is bad and weather is no joke in the Velebit channel. We are off for now, but we will try to summarize all your alerts, photos, recordings and publish them together with ours soon.


We invite you to continue to report your observations to us, because with the help of citizens and citizen science, we can more efficiently and easily monitor the appearances of interesting and rare species in the Adriatic, and protect and preserve them!'

Find more information about fin whales here.

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