A Scandinavian breakfast restaurant is opening in Zagreb next year

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Time Out contributors

Croatia's first Scandinavian breakfast restaurant will open in Zagreb in 2019. Atelier Køkken will offer a specifically Danish cuisine, with the menu and the restaurant's design taking inspiration from across the whole of Scandinavia. This cuisine from northern Europe has been among the most highly praised by critics and gastronauts in recent years, with young chefs from the area revitalising and refining traditional menus and ingredients.

Atelier Køkken's main focus will be breakfasts and brunches, although it will also be open in the evening. Evening meals will consist of options like open sandwiches. The restaurant will be dedicated to organic produce, both food and drinks, with the owners'
goals intended to be on sustainable and healthy living. Rest assured, that also means tasty! And, you can try a sample of their foods right now for proof!

Atelier Køkken are debuting their take on Scandinavian cuisine at this year's Advent in Zagreb. At their outlet on Strossmayer Square, the kitchen are offering eye-catching pink sausages in a hot dog bun. The sausage is comprised of veal and pork and is served with breadcrumbs, ketchup and mustard. Other Scandinavian seasonal offerings at the outlet are traditional drinks; one is a spicy mulled wine, which stands apart from other hot wines available because of the specific spicing, the other is a delicious spiced milk drink which is a warming yellow in colour.

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