Advertorial: a taste of timeless Zagreb

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Experience bygone grandeur and contemporary comfort at Palace Hotel.

A city of one million inhabitants, as with any metropolis, the face of modern Zagreb changes year after year. But deep in the heart of the capital, time moves more slowly. The grand facades of Austro-Hungarian architecture found here were built to last. They offer a flavour of Zagreb as it was when the city was a key cultural and administrative hub of the Habsburg empire. Having welcomed the upper echelons of Habsburg-era society since 1907, the Palace Hotel offers a luxurious taste of Zagreb as it once was. Located in the prettiest part of the city, overlooking the splendour of the three glorious parks which have impressed visitors for over 200 years, you couldn't be better placed to discover the delights of Zagreb, both old and new.

Hotel Palace © Ivan Zovko

Fully renovated and containing everything you'd expect from a modern premium hotel, each of the Palace's bright 123 rooms carefully balances the old and the new, where modern facilities complement the antique-style furniture. Elaborate stairways and walkways bridged by stained glass concave roofs provide a visual theatre as impressive to today's city break visitors as it was to the high society of yesteryear.

Lit by chandeliers, the ornate wooden flooring of the hotel's cafe and bistro are perhaps the best place in the city to sample Zagreb as it once was. There you can relax on antique furniture after a meeting in one of the hotel's conference rooms or impress your date with a feast from a heritage menu which draws on the finest produce Croatia has to offer - it serves up excellent cheese štrukli. 

Hotel Palace © Ivan Zovko

With rooms available for every type of visitor, the Palace Hotel offers the most authentic experience of Zagreb, a hotel with Central European charm and splendour, right in the heart of a modern city.

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