Blockbuster Andy Warhol exhibition is coming to Zadar this summer

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Lily Colgan

Zadar City Museum has announced an exciting new exhibition taking place at the renovated Rector's Palace this summer. The exhibition celebrates the man who became synonymous with Pop Art, Andy Warhol.

Warhol's work like the Marylin Diptych and the Campbell Soup Cans are some of the world’s most recognisable artistic imagery. But this surprise exhibition promises greater insight into the Pop Art king's work, journeying into the artist's iconic persona.

Image: Jack Mitchell

'Enter Into My Life: Andy Warhol' will showcase 50 or so works by Warhol, alongside never-before-seen documents and photographs of the artist. Characterising Warhol's genre-splicing approach to art production, there is more to this exhibition than fixed prints on the wall. The museum is preparing an accompanying programme of weekly workshops, creative events and performances inspired by Warhol.

Every Friday, visitors are given an interpretative performance by youth drama ensemble Drama Plus and their spin on the legendary Studio 54, while space in the palace will be given over to young musicians, photographers, performers, designers and other creatives. August 6 marks Warhol's 90th birthday and in celebration, Drama Plus are performing an original play exploring the cultural phenomena that Andy Warhol embodied.

Ulli Lommel and Andy Warhol on the set of Cocaine Cowboys
Image: Hollywood House of Horror

In collaboration with Rebel Kolektiv, The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art from Slovakia and New York's Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Art, Zadar City Museum will put on the first Warhol retrospective in Croatia. It follows on the high-profile retrospective of early Russian Modernist Marc Chagall held at the Rector's Palace last summer that attracted 14,000 visitors.

'Enter Into My Life: Andy Warhol' is from Friday, June 15 to Saturday, September 15, and tickets are priced at 80kn. 

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