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Boogie against boredom with these free online dance parties

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Lara Rasin

Dance lovers and anyone in need of a little movement after spending a few too many hours (days, weeks, whatever) binging Netflix - get ready to cut a rug. Literally. The one in your living room or bedroom. Croatia's dance studios and teachers have gone digital and they're offering online classes and gatherings that are fun, active or relaxing. Pick your motion and feel connected with other movers and shakers by turning your home into a dance floor.

Movement Medicine with Kaya Tamara

Kaya Tamara Sertić

© Kaya Tamara Sertić

Zagreb-based meditative dancer Kaya Tamara Sertić focuses on a dance therapy dubbed movement medicine. Her technique blends centuries-old shamanic traditions from various cultures and adds a modern twist. The goal is to, through specially researched and choreographed movements, heal and connect dancers with their inner spirituality. Experience medicine through movement Friday nights from 7pm-8pm. Each Medicine Movement with Kaya: livingroom sessions edition is bilingual (Croatian and English).

Dance School Alegria


© Plesna Škola Alegria

Dance School Alegria specialises in a variety of classes including the waltz, tango, foxtrot, jive, samba, salsa, bachata and more. Dancers of all ages are welcome at the school. Alegria has announced an upcoming weekly digital dance session each Saturday, free of charge. Follow their website for the latest news.

The Dance of the Rhythms Association

Ples Ritmova

© Ples Ritmova

The Dance of the Rhythms Association practices a dance technique called 5Rhythms, created by American dancer Gabrielle Roth. It's a movement that aims to connect the body and soul through a sequence of five rhythms - Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness - collectively known as a wave. Go with the flow under the tutelage of trained 5Rhythms teachers each Thursday via online dance podium. Follow the Association's website for details regarding time and how to join in online. 

Dance Centre Royale


© Nihal Demirci

Specialising in techniques from salsa and tango to wedding choreography and zumba, Dance Centre Royale has decided to take their talents online. The centre is taking individual requests at +385-91-170-6888 (with varying payment options). Royale has also started a YouTube channel where experts will be teaching salsa step by step through (freebie) educational videos.

 ... Or, you could just take those old records off the shelf and go freestyle.


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