Jadranka Nejašmić
© Jadranka Nejašmić

Brač librarian keeps service running through upstairs window

Jadranka lowers books to islanders via string

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Time Out contributors

Libraries across Croatia closed many days ago, at the same time as schools in the country. But, as not only students know, now is not the time to be without a book. Jadranka Nejašmić, director of the Bol municipal library on Brač island is firmly of this opinion, so has decided to keep library services running.

In order not to endanger herself or others, Jadranka can now be seen lowering books to residents, via string, from the library's upstairs window. Readers cut the string in order to take the books and Jadranka says they don't have to return them until the lockdown is over. Island residents call her in advance so she has the desired books ready. Jadranka is the only member of staff currently visiting the library - not even the cleaner now comes - but she says it's important to do so because 'I think a book is the best medicine in solitude'.

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