Mirta Šurjak
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Croatia joins neighbour in welcoming return of Italian football

Serie A will resume on June 20

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Croatian football fans have joined their neighbours in welcoming the return of Italian league football. Competition is set to resume from June 20th. After the English Premier League, Italy's Serie A is the most-watched football league in Croatia.

Croatian TV personality and Hajduk Split fan Mirta Šurjak recently featured in a music video that summed up feelings for Italian football's return. The song 'Mi manca il calcio' (I miss football)  — with lyrics by Croatian journalist Ivo Šćepanović — is performed by Milan-based musician Ermanno Fabbri.

At one time the most popular football league in the world, the reputation and international standing of Serie A was significantly damaged by the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal (2004 – 2006) and the financial repercussions.

Croatia has long held an appreciation of the Italian game and the clubs of its Adriatic neighbour have commonly been the destination for many of Croatia's own elite players. Over half a million Italians visit Croatia every year for weekend breaks or holidays.

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