Croatia set for a sizzling hot summer (but with a few storms too)

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Time Out contributors

Following a month of unsettled and changeable weather, predictions for the summer period have been released which anticipate Croatia is in for a baking hot summer. yAY!

As reported earlier this month in Time Out Croatia, freakishly wintery weather has returned periodically this May. But, according to American meteorological service AccuWeather, Croatia, like much of southern Europe, should expect a major summer heatwave.

Temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees in some periods, much warmer than last year's summer. The large amount of rain which has already fallen this year will mean that farmers should be in for bumper crops and all vegetation in the country will reach its maximum potential growth. This does mean that little rain is predicted for the summer period, raising the risk of 'forest fires', although the same predictions do also anticipate some severe, but brief, summer storms to hit the country during the period.

Summer storms are reasonably common in Croatia. Although they can be forceful and weird (dropping hailstones on coastal cities in the middle of summer!), they rarely ruin anyone's holiday; Croatia's summer storms can arrive and depart extremely quickly, with tourists often back on the beach sunbathing within an hour of their cessation.

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