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Croatian giants join forces for online ordering with free delivery

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Two of Croatia's most-familiar brands have teamed up for online food ordering with free delivery. Food manufacturer Podravka and the Croatian Post have initiated the scheme to help people not have to leave their homes.

Food packages, at a cost of 500 kuna or 800 kuna, are available to order online through the Žuti klik online store and are made up of goods which, according to sales data, are the most wanted, such as yeast, soups, canned vegetables, canned fish, baby food, dessert products, spreads and more. The price of the goods is the same at which you can usually find them in the supermarket.

Podravka, based in Koprivnica, are one of the largest food manufacturers in southeast Europe and also supply pharmaceuticals. Some of their most-famous products are dried herbs and spices, with their famous mixed seasoning product Vegeta being widely used throughout the region.

In many countries, the national post has been one of the unsung heroes of testing times. Here, the Croatian post is operating fully through the difficult period, with Croatian postmen one of the few groups who can continue to work under the new travel restrictions.

Employees from all co-operating parties in the scheme are provided with health-protective equipment and apparel. Extreme hygiene care will be taken and packages are available to be ordered on someone else's behalf, so you can send them to a friend or relative. 

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