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Croatian National Tourist Board announces public call for TOP events in 2020

Written by Time Out in association with the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ)

The Croatian National Tourist Board have issued a public invitation for funding applications to support TOP events. With its world-famous music festivals, award-winning Advent programme, plus film festivals and events celebrating Croatian gastronomy, the tourist board acknowledges that events are a key driver for tourists visiting Croatia. The event-funding programme will support this facet of the Croatian tourism offer on a national level.

Applications should be received in electronic and hard copy by January 7th 2020 with the total funds available under the public call being 2.500,000 kuna. Companies, individuals, craftsmen, cooperatives, public institutions, cultural institutions, arts organisations, local and regional self-government units and the tourist community are eligible to apply for the funding. Funds are expected to be used in the organising of events, such as equipment purchase, transportation, material procurement, accommodation costs, contractor fees, promotional and other organisational activities.

The funds will be approved for organisations capable of realising of cultural, entertainment, gastronomic, historical and traditional events that have been held at least twice in the last five years and which have a strong promotional offer both in Croatia and abroad. Also, the Croatian National Tourist Board may, in exceptional circumstances, decide to support an event which is being held for the first time, if it is expected to enrich the tourist offer of the destination in which it occurs. All the proposals will be judged on criteria such as the creation of a motive for the arrival of guests, the event's ability to develop a destination tourist offer, its ability to promote Croatia overseas, the nature of the event, its content and quality, the period of the event and the media advertising plan.

The public invitation was published on the web pages of the Croatian National Tourist Board. Additional information can be obtained by emailing although it is stipulated that additional information should be sought no later than three days before the deadline for submission of applications.

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