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Croatian olive oil is consistently the world's best, says NYC competition

Gold medals galore for Istria olive oil entrants

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Croatia's premium olive oil producers have been judged as the most consistent winners at this year's prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). More Croatian olive oils have so far walked away with gold and silver medals per entry than anywhere else in the world.

The big winners from this year's competition for numbers of gold medals are the giants of olive oil export Spain and Italy. However, Croatia's relatively small premium olive oil industry has beaten both for consistency. Of the 60 Croatian olive oils already judged this year, 34 have won gold or silver medals. The percentage of Croatian medal winners is 57%, the highest in the world.

The NYIOOC is eight years old and, this year, 881 olive oils from around the world were entered in the competition. The scores from the event help make the 'Best Olive Oils Yearly Index', a guide to the world's olive oils which is used by international distributors.

The full list of Croatian winners so far announced are:

Single variety gold medal winners 

Černek Bjelica, Cervar Coratina, Avistria Buža, PG Olivetum Posavianus Picholine, Bembo Buža, Eva Marija Levantinka, Perdisacca Rosignola, Avistria Stari Buža, Nonno Bruno Buža

Single variety silver medal winners

Sv Ivan Oblica, Al Torcio Leccino, Ol Istria Picholine, Oliveri Coratina , Al Torcio Moraiolo

Blended oils gold medal winners

Fortica Coratina Moraiolo, Brist Exclusive Selection, O17, Ol Istria Selection, Sv Ivan Blend, Ex Albis, Monte, Rosso Premium, De Kleva, Punta Cissana, Valencano, Salvela Aurum, Rheos Premium, Turinela, Mudrina, B10

Blended oils silver medal winners 

Perica frantoio, Terre Bianche, Avistria Istrian Blend

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