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Croatian Pelinkovac proclaimed one of world's most interesting drinks

Magazine USA Today is behind the declaration

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Lara Rasin

USA Today published an article titled 15 must-try spirits, liqueurs and canned cocktails (as seen at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2021) on November 16. The text came out following the prestigious Bar Convent food and beverage conference, which Croatian beverage company Badel 1862 was part of.

Badel 1862 manufactures "Antique Pelinkovac," a brand of pelinkovac. It was this drink that left an impression on USA Today, which then noted:

"Though not quite as pervasive in the United States as Scotch whisky or Italian amaro, pelinkovac is a particularly intriguing liqueur that's certainly worth sampling. While this wormwood-heavy concoction is enjoyed all throughout the Balkans, Antique offers a distinctly Croatian spin on the spirit, first created back in 1862 by Franjo Pokorny to aid in digestion.

Antique performs beautifully in a cocktail, but for best results, enjoy the spirit with nothing more than an ice cube and a slice of orange."

Pelinkovac is a herbal liqueur that has been touted for its medicinal benefits - and simply consumed for pleasure - in Croatia for ages. The most prominent flavour in this bitter drink is wormwood (pelin in Croatian). USA Today might like it with orange, but for an exceptionally flavourful experience we recommend you try it with a dash of lemon juice. When in Croatia, just ask your waiter for a štrukani pelin (š is pronounced sh), and they'll know what to do.

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