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Croatia's market traders find alternative ways to sell

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With the closure of public marketplaces, many independent traders and small producers have been left without ways to reach their customers. Croatia's supermarket chain Spar are looking to help out. They have invited traders and small producers to contact them and Spar will try to ensure that their goods are given space to be sold in their stores.

Supermarkets and food delivery services remain open in Croatia, as did marketplaces until last Saturday. Anyone visiting a public market last weekend, like Dolac or Kvatrić in Zagreb, will not have been surprised by the subsequent decision to close them - it was impossible for people to keep two metres apart.

Social media pages have also emerged as another possible route for small producers. On Facebook, groups like 'Prodaja domaće hrane - Zagreb i okolica (Selling domestic food - Zagreb and surroundings)' are helping to bridge the gap between producers, growers and customers. Delivery or postage can be arranged direct between the two parties and similar social media pages exist for most cities and regions in Croatia.

The latest public health advice is that all fruit, vegetables and packaged goods should be handled carefully and washed thoroughly upon bringing them into the home. Fruit and vegetables should be dried after washing and, if it's a sunny day, the best way to do so is the sunlight. It's also a good idea to keep some fruit and vegetables in the fridge, even if you wouldn't normally do so, as the cold temperatures help kill bacteria.

Any market traders or small producers interested in taking up Spar's offer should call +385 1 2410 900
Retailers and food producers PIK Vinkovci, Marinada, Fragarija and supermarket chain Konzum have also launched similar schemes.

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